November 4, 2022

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What is xDAI?

xDai tokens are transactional tokens on the Gnosis Chain and are also used to pay for the execution of smart contracts and gas fees. xDAI is a stablecoin, meaning its value is “pegged” to the US Dollar (1 xDAI ≈ 1 USD). Using xDAI to pay for gas fees on Gnosis Chain means transaction costs are stable and predictable, not to mention super cheap and fast!

For more information regarding xDAI, explore the Gnosis Chain Documentation.


Our latest onboarding tool is now live!

Here you can find all of the ways to acquire xDAI on Gnosis Chain through a number of trusted sources and providers. Users have the option to use on-ramps, bridges, swaps, and more! No matter if you’re new to crypto or have never used Gnosis Chain, makes it easy for anyone to get their hands on some xDAI, so they can start interacting on-chain, and start using apps in the Gnosis Chain ecosystem.

How to buy xDAI on

Whether you’re using crypto or fiat, offers a payment method for you. For users who already have a crypto-funded wallet on Gnosis Chain and are looking to purchase more xDAI, the most convenient option is to swap on CoW Swap. If you have a funded wallet on Ethereum or another major EVM chain, we offer Li.Fi as the easiest way to bridge and swap your assets to xDAI on Gnosis Chain.

For those looking to use their fiat currency to purchase xDAI, provides options to use a centralized exchange as well as fiat on-ramps. Currently, Ascendex supports the withdrawal of xDAI from their exchange platform to Gnosis Chain wallets. When it comes to fiat on-ramps, users can choose between Utorg, Ramp and Mt. Pelerin, which vary in supported payment methods, fees, KYC requirements, and supported jurisdictions.

For more information on these xDAI providers, please visit their respective websites to learn more, or reach out to our team on Discord.

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