Encode and Gnosis Chain Hackathon: Dive into the Exciting World of Gnosis

May 19, 2023

In a freshly minted collaboration, Encode Club and Gnosis Chain have joined forces to host the Encode x Gnosis Chain Hackathon. This online event is an open call to developers worldwide to ideate, innovate, and build groundbreaking projects using advanced blockchain technologies. Offering an array of challenges and an attractive prize pool, the Hackathon promises to be a stimulating journey for all web3 enthusiasts.

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Challenges and Prizes
The Hackathon boasts a diverse lineup of challenges, allowing participants to explore various facets of Gnosis tech. The challenges are:

Gnosis Chain Challenge
Project Ideas:

  • Improving Payroll with an EVM Programmable Bank Account,
  • Building with POAP,
  • Open Source Solutions Supporting zkBridge,
  • An EVM Header Oracle Aggregator,
  • Euro Ramp App - Create a Safe App Powered by Monerium,
  • Connecting Worlds with Li-Fi - Aggregate the Best Euro Price to Gnosis Chain, or
  • Proposing your own idea for contributing to the Gnosis Chain ecosystem.

Prizes: 1st Place - $5000 2nd Place - $3000 3rd Place - $2000

Request Challenge
Challenge: Best Payment Application Built with Request Network Prize: $3000 DAI

Etherspot Challenge
Challenge: Best Account Abstraction Implementation (using Etherspot’s TransactionKit, SDK, or BUIDLer component) Prize: $1000

Azuro Challenge
Project Ideas: Telegram Bot, Embedded Widget, Freebets Admin, Analytics for Liquidity Pools, or your unique idea Prizes: Best UI/UX - $750 Best Contracts Integration - $750 Best Feature - $750

GetBlock Challenge
Challenge: Get Started with GetBlock Prize: Pack of requests on the service for the first thirty users to use GetBlock

Gateway.fm Challenge
Challenge: Best application that uses AI and interacts with at least two Gateway chains, one of them being Gnosis. Prizes: Winner: $1000, Top 20 applications using the Gateway RPC interface: $100

Banana Challenge
Challenges & prizes: Most Innovative Use Case - $433.7 Awarded to the team that comes up with the most innovative use case for Banana SDK and builds a functionality on top of it. Judges will evaluate the submissions based on their novelty, impact, and feasibility. Best PR Merge - $333.7 Awarded to the team that submits the best pull request to merge Banana SDK with an existing dApp. Judges will evaluate the submissions based on the traction on the dApp, the quality of the code, and the impact on the dApp. Best PR Merge #2 - $233.7 Awarded to the team that submits the second-best pull request to merge Banana SDK with an existing dApp. Judges will evaluate the submissions based on the traction on the dApp, the quality of the code, and the impact on the dApp.

Past Workshops
Over the past week, Encode has hosted several workshops aimed at equipping our participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their chosen challenges. If you missed any, don't worry! You can catch up by following the links provided below:

Azuro: The Path to Onchain Betting
This workshop was hosted by Pavel Ivanov of Azuro on 2nd May, who presented Azuro; what it is and what it does, why is it useful and what features it enables. Subjects covered in the workshop were: Azuro goals for 2023, documentation, contracts flow and hackathon information. https://youtu.be/FHZcwKssY2A

Building the next generation of Web3 on Gnosis Chain
In this workshop Igor Mandrigin, Co-Founder and CTO at Gateway.fm, tackled the long-term edge due to network architecture, DeFi, security, decentralisation, dual-token model, ZK bridges, Hashi, an “ethereumverse” approach to scaling, Cowswap and real-world use cases. https://youtu.be/d_5iozC4s2s

Gnosis Chain DApp with Golang: Establishing Connection using GetBlock
James Oliver presented GetBlock and covered an interesting topic of why should your crypto business use node providers. Furthermore, he talked about some GetBlock use cases, Go’s key features and some custom solutions. https://youtu.be/cKxQ1tzzhdo

Introduction to building on Request Network
In this session, David Hunt-Mateo will guide you through the basics of Request Network, a platform revolutionizing payment requests and invoicing on the blockchain. You'll learn how to start building your own decentralized applications (dApps) on the Request Network and get inspired to create innovative solutions for the hackathon. https://youtu.be/5aqbb5dKfsE

Unlocking Gnosis Chain DeFi with Monerium
In this workshop, Gísli Kristjánsson will guide you through the ins and outs of Gnosis Chain DeFi and demonstrate how to leverage Monerium's innovative solutions to enhance your projects. https://youtu.be/LcDzkAP_UYM

How to easily Integrate Account Abstraction into your dApp with Etherspot
Taylor Ferran dove into the realm of account abstraction and demonstrated how to seamlessly integrate it into your dApps using Etherspot's powerful tools. https://youtu.be/f2YxkdqSYvU

Building on Gnosis Chain with Gateway.fm
Next to Gateway.fm's products and solutions, Ekaterina Sergeeva presented a technical demo on how to use Gateway.fm's infrastructure in your project. https://youtu.be/k7zb4TmzHcs

Building with Hashi on Gnosis Chain
In this workshop hosted by Auryn Macmillan you will learn how to build cutting-edge applications using Hashi on the Gnosis Chain platform. https://youtu.be/922HBJItYaA

How to Utilise Gnosis Chain Datasets with Indexes
In this session, learn how to utilize Gnosis Chain datasets with Indexes with Mike Nikles and Jeff Ling of Goldsky! https://youtu.be/3U_Hq36DlO4

Banana SDK Workshop
Watch this session by Rishabh Gupta and Nitanshu Lokhande of Banana Wallet and build dApps with Account Abstraction using Banana SDK. https://youtu.be/Ff5udllRy9Y

The Grand Finale
After weeks of ideating, coding, and refining, Encode will host a finale and prize-giving event. This is an opportunity for our finalists to present their innovative projects to an audience of participants, judges, and other attendees. At the culmination of this event, we will celebrate the hard work and dedication of all participants as we award prizes to the best projects for each challenge. It's not just about winning; it's about showcasing the creativity and skill brought forth during this hackathon, and the potential impact these projects may have on the world of blockchain. Register for the Finale and Prizegiving event: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/603564917917

About Gnosis Builders:

Gnosis Builders is a pioneering team focused on driving the adoption and development of the Gnosis ecosystem. With a mission to make blockchain technology more accessible and user-friendly, they actively contribute to the growth of decentralized applications, tools, and infrastructure.

About Gnosis Chain:

Gnosis Chain is an EVM compatible, community owned network that prioritizes credible neutrality and resiliency, open to everyone without privilege or prejudice. Gnosis Chain is secured by over 100k validators around the world.

About Encode Club
Encode Club is a Web3 education community learning and building together through fantastic programmes with the leading protocols in the space. Together we organise programmes like education series, bootcamps, hackathons, and accelerators both online and in person. We then help our community get jobs and funding for projects and startups. Read more here. Twitter | Website | Discord | Telegram