Get to Gno Fileverse: The Future of On-Chain File Storage

October 24, 2023

🌟 Happy Tuesday, Digital explorers! 🌟

Join us on our weekly voyage through the Gnosis Chain ecosystem with the "Get to Gno" series. Today’s destination? The encrypted corridors of Fileverse, poised to forever decentralize file sharing and online collaboration. Ready for the journey?

Fileverse Portal: Your Key to Sovereign Collaboration

First time hearing about Fileverse? Here's the scoop: Fileverse is at the forefront of redefining how files function and flourish on the blockchain. Tailored for forward-thinking businesses and individual pioneers, it offers a suite of tools tailored for everyday collaboration, file sharing/storage, and productivity needs. Picture a synergy of Google Workspace and Notion, but supercharged with user-centric sovereignty and onchain expertise.

Fileverse users can design their own ideal online workspace with plugins, similar to how users customize their web browsing experience with browser extensions. Another unique feature of Fileverse is that it can be used without users requiring any cryptocurrency or first going through a CEX. dApps are becoming the new, simple onramp into crypto.

As a Fileverse user, you’ll create an account by deploying a Portal, a user-controled file management and collaboration smart contract. This Portal acts as your content directory and allows you to set access permissions to your files, documents, whiteboards, contracts, and the Portal itself. All the data you add on your Fileverse is stored on a peer-to-peer network and file system called InterPlanetary File System (IPFS), the gold standard distributed file storage protocol, as well as GunDB, and soon Areweave will also become an option for permanent storage options.

Fileverse and Gnosis Chain: A Perfect Symphony

Why did Fileverse choose to build Gnosis Chain? For one, the alignment between Fileverse's aspirations to solve points of centralisation in crypto and Gnosis’ philosophy is unmistakable. Plus, Gnosis Chain champions projects with an eye on the future, combining robust security with use cases tailored for mass adoption. In fact, Fileverse has found natural synergies with other Gnosis native projects and tools such as Safe multisigs. Any team, group, community or individual with a Safe can deploy a Fileverse Portal directly from the Safe interface. Simply check for the smiling yellow file in the app directory.

Known for its vast network of validators and a legacy rooted in innovation, Gnosis Chain offers an environment where projects like Fileverse can thrive and realize their full potential without cutting corners on decentralization.

Join the Future of Decentralized Collaboration 

If you've ever yearned for a space where your data remains unequivocally yours, where collaboration doesn't come at the cost of privacy, and where decentralization is the norm, then Fileverse (and Gnosis Chain!) is for you.

For those intrigued by the intersection of blockchain, global collaboration and digital storage, we invite you to explore Fileverse and its myriad of onchain solutions. Let’s co-create the future of global collaboration, one file at a time! 🌐📂


About Gnosis Builders:

Gnosis Builders is a pioneering team focused on driving the adoption and development of the Gnosis ecosystem. With a mission to make blockchain technology more accessible and user-friendly, they actively contribute to the growth of decentralised applications, tools, and infrastructure.

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Gnosis Chain is an EVM compatible, community owned network that prioritises credible neutrality and resiliency, open to everyone without privilege or prejudice. Gnosis Chain is secured by over 150k validators around the world.


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