Get to Gno Mithraeum: Beyond Blockchain Gaming

October 3, 2023

🌟 Happy Tuesday, Gno-ers 🌟

Journey through the Gnosis Chain universe with our Get To Gno series, where every week we shine a light on trailblazing projects carving niches within our growing ecosystem. For those keen to level up their blockchain expertise, don’t miss our weekly Get to Gnosis podcast.

Today’s spotlight shines brightly on Mithraeum. More than a strategy game, Mithraeum is pioneering how blockchain technology enhances grand strategy gaming, creating an on-chain universe that’s both social and strategic. Power up as we unlock some next-level insights!

Mithraeum: A Social & Strategic On-Chain Universe

Imagine a world where the magic of Clash of Clans, Dota 2, and League of Legends is supercharged by blockchain technology. Welcome to Mithraeum: a world where alliances are forged, betrayals leave scars, and every move ripples through the blocks of digital history.

In Mithraeum, you don’t just play; you rule. The object of the game is to manage, develop and protect your settlement and associated army, but the effects of your actions are much further reaching. Every decision you make impacts the game’s real-time political simulation, changing its dynamics and influencing the broader Mithraeum community. And beware: though alliances are your lifelines, trust is a fleeting asset. Be cautious of who you build alliances with–every player can be both an asset and a threat.

This game doesn't stop at the battles and alliances; it crafts an environment where players are incentivized to build their on-chain social laws atop a foundational game protocol. The objective? Scaling your influence in the relentless struggle for geographic dominance.

Decentralization & Beyond: The Heartbeat of Mithraeum

Like Gnosis Chain, Mithraeum thrives on blockchain’s core pillars: 

  • Decentralization: Unyielding & eternal. Once Mithraeum’s rules are set in stone, even its creators stand powerless to change them.
  • Composability: Unleash your creativity! Craft your unique in-game social laws and watch as new projects emerge, enriching the Mithraeum experience.
  • Autonomous World: Guarded by its 'WIPE THREAT', Mithraeum ensures its in-game economies are resistant to inflation.

Choose your Legacy

In Mithraeum, strategy is king. Choose your path and leave your mark:

  • Economic: Rule the markets, fortify your dominion
  • Military: Marshal your forces, conquer challenges
  • Diplomatic: Harness diplomacy, shape your strategy, and sway allegiances

The Road Ahead - a Promising Future

Currently, Mithraeum is in its Iron Age—a phase of public tests where the community validates game design hypotheses on the Gnosis Chain. In one month, the reward pool for this tournament has climbed to over $80,000 USD, sourced entirely from players purchasing settlements in the game. With a second tournament on the horizon, players have much to anticipate.

Discover more about Mithraeum at or delve into details of the current tournament at Until next Tuesday, stay curious, strategize, and remember: in the world of Mithraeum, every move leaves a mark. Game on! 🌐🎮


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