Free xDai with!

November 14, 2022

This blog post will include:

  • What is a crypto faucet?
  • Introducing the official xDAI faucet
  • How to use the official xDAI faucet?

What is a crypto faucet?

A crypto faucet is a website or application that allows its users to earn a small amount of free crypto by completing tasks. The term faucet refers to a tap dripping water, as the faucet provides just enough to fund your first few transactions within a blockchain ecosystem, or in this case, Gnosis Chain's ecosystem. To receive their token “drip”, users typically have to complete security verifications such as a captcha or verification tweet.

Introducing the official xDAI Faucet

GnosisFaucet, Gnosis Chain's official xDAI Faucet, is now live! This will make Gnosis Chain onboarding for new users easier than ever. Anyone with a wallet can now claim 0.01 xDAI for free, which is enough to pay for hundreds of transactions.

How to use the official xDAI Faucet?

Claiming your xDAI drip from the faucet has been made easy for everybody. Simply paste your Gnosis Chain wallet address into the designated field and select the amount you wish to claim, either 0.001 xDAI or 0.01 xDAI. Users wishing to claim the minimum amount of 0.001 xDAI must only complete a captcha verification. Those wishing to claim the maximum 0.01 xDAI must complete a tweet verification in addition to the captcha. After completing the required steps, you will receive your free xDAI instantly!

If you found our faucet helpful, please consider donating xDAI to the faucet wallet so we can continue to offer this tool to new users.

Faucet Wallet Address: 0x729f19e4c405758c93f59e5f098190cb2382d883