Monitor Validators on Gnosis Chain with

December 6, 2022


Today, we’re glad to announce the launch of! is a brand new, comprehensive source of information about Gnosis Chain pools and validators. This site aggregates validators run by exchanges, companies, pools, and operators into a helpful dashboard that allows anyone to track their activity, providing detailed insight into which validators are active, inactive or under performing.

Our goal is to help existing validators make informed decisions about the performance of their validators, and for new validators to understand which pool is best suited for their needs as we aim to be the most decentralized and resilient blockchain. We’re excited to provide this service to the Gnosis Chain validator community and look forward to helping validators maximize their performance and earning rewards.

If you own or control 10 or more validators on Gnosis Chain and wish to see them monitored on, DM GnosisBuilders via Twitter to request to have your address added to the active tracking list.

Made by Alvaro Revuelta on behalf of Gnosis Builders.

As we roll out more tools for easier onboarding to Gnosis Chain, we would love to hear your feedback on how we can better support you.

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