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November 8, 2022

This blog post will include:

  • Introducing
  • Finding the right wallet for you
  • Platform
  • Security
  • Features
  • User Type


The Gnosis Chain wallet finder is now live at! Whether you’re new to Web3 or not, finding and setting up a compatible wallet can be a hassle when getting started on a new chain. With GnosisWallets, no longer do you have to spend time searching and experimenting with wallets to find one that fits your needs. Easily filter through a number of options based on your personal criteria to find and install a fully compatible wallet in no time!

Finding the right wallet for you

Finding the perfect wallet is simple with GnosisWallets' filter search based on platform and operating system, security needs, and additional features and tools. Below, we detail the various filter options available for identifying the right wallet.


There are Gnosis Chain supported wallets across mobile, desktop, and browser platforms as well as web apps. Once you’ve selected your preferred platform, be sure to check which operating systems are supported by each wallet to ensure the wallet will be compatible with your device(s). OS information can be found under each wallet’s name.


Security is very important when it comes to choosing Web3 wallets. At a minimum, it’s highly recommended to use a self-custody wallet to ensure that you remain in control of your keys at all times. For added security and assurance, you may seek additional features, such as social recovery mechanisms and open sourced tech. For DAOs, businesses, and other use cases, it may be beneficial to use a wallet with a multi-signature or “multisig” system for signing transactions. Explore the wallets that fit your security needs by searching with the security filters.


There are lots of features to choose from within GnosisWallets. Outside of the fundamental use of storing and sending/receiving tokens, connecting to dApps will be essential for most users. You can find such wallets by filtering for “Connect to dApps” and/or “WalletConnect Support.” Additional important features may include the ability to connect to custom RPCs, import custom tokens, or support NFTs. Depending on the user, these features may be essential to your needs as a Gnosis Chain user. Most other available features provide convenience and a heightened user experience. These features may include in-wallet swaps and fiat on- and off-ramps.

User Type

For new users who don’t know exactly what they’re looking for, there’s the New user type filter. All wallets suitable for new users are self custody and have the ability to connect to dApps as well as provide in-app swaps or a fiat on-ramp. These basic features make it convenient for new users  to start interacting with Gnosis Chain and it’s ecosystem of dApps, DAOs and more!

To explore the wallets that support your operating system, desired combination of features, and security needs, visit!