How to use the mGNO Converter

January 16, 2023

Introducing the mGNO Converter

The mGNO token is a meta-token, similar to a Wrapped Token, which is created for staking purposes on Gnosis Chain. 1 GNO is equivalent and convertible to 32 mGNO. The mGNO converter is a simple to use and accessible tool for anyone holding GNO tokens.

Converting GNO to mGNO

1. Go to Make sure your wallet is connected to the Gnosis Chain network, then click on Connect wallet on this page. 

We’ll use Metamask for this tutorial.

2. Enter the GNO amount you would like to convert and click Convert. You can convert any amount of GNO that is available on your wallet, including less than amounts less than 1. 1 GNO is equivalent to 32 mGNO, so 0.1 GNO will convert to 3.2 mGNO.

Please make sure to double check before clicking on Convert.

3. Sign and confirm 2 transactions in your wallet. The first is a free signature request to allow the application to make the conversion. The second will process the transaction. This will require a small amount of xDai fees to complete. You can claim free xDai to cover fees on

4. The transaction should initiate and complete within a few seconds. Once completed, you can click on the following links on the page to check transaction details and add the mGNO token to your MetaMask wallet. 

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