Introducing the mGNO Validator Deposit feature

January 27, 2023

Introducing the mGNO Validator Deposit feature

Since the recent launch of the mGNO Converter earlier this month, we have shipped a new feature called the mGNO Validator Deposit

Traditionally, GNO is swapped for mGNO after depositing to the Beacon Chain. However, those participating in liquid staking services on Gnosis Chain are doing so by staking mGNO. Currently, staking mGNO is available on Ankr.

If you wish to transition from liquid staking mGNO to running your own Gnosis Chain validator, this mGNO deposit feature makes the process possible as it allows you to make a direct deposit to stake. To run your own validator, learn more about the different validation methods on ValidateGnosis.


To make an mGNO deposit, your wallet must hold a minimum of 32 mGNO. If you have GNO, you can convert it to mGNO via the Convert tab. Refer to our step-by-step mGNO Converter tutorial here.

Once you have the required mGNO, you will need to upload a valid deposit data file in the form of a deposit_data.json file. You can generate a deposit data file here.

After successfully depositing mGNO, you can check the status of your deposit under the Validator Status tab. Here, you will need to upload the same deposit_data.json file to generate a Gnosis Beacon Chain link for your validator. This will allow you to monitor the details of your validator and its current status. Please note that it may take up to 24 hours before your new validator is registered on the Beacon Chain.

Demo Video

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