Wallet Wednesday: Pillar

February 8, 2023

Wallet Wednesday is a weekly series where we dive into the wallets that support Gnosis Chain. Moving forward, we will cover other caterogies such as Builder Tools, DAOs, DeFi, etc for users and builders to familiarize themselves with the Gnosis Chain ecosystem. The first project on Wallet Wednesday is Pillar

Visit GnosisWallets.com for a list of wallets currently supporting Gnosis Chain.

What is Pillar?

Pillar is a community-run, non-custodial, open-source smart wallet that supports Gnosis Chain and other EVM-compatible chains in a unified multichain experience. Its multichain wallet allows for cross-chain asset management and a few of its standout features include in-app cross-chain swaps, and meta-transactions. Pillar's vision for its platform is a user-centric one, as they provide the opportunity to its users to decide on the future of the platform through the PillarDAO.

What is a Smart Wallet?

Smart wallets are stored in a smart contract which lives in its corresponding blockchain, and can only be accessed and managed by your device. It provides access to complex functionalities in a simplified user experience such as interacting with DeFi applications, account abstraction, cross-chain swapping, and paying gas fees with stablecoins.

The smart contracts secure the private keys of each Pillar account such that when users initiate a transaction which requires the wallet’s private key, the funds are never at risk as the application communicates directly with the smart contract. This is designed with safety mechanisms in place to make funds as loss-proof as possible, while still ensuring total control of private keys at all times.

What features does the Pillar wallet offer to Users and Builders?

For Users:

  • In-app cross-chain swaps
  • Multichain wallet with 1 address
  • Meta-transactions to pay gas fees with stablecoin
  • WalletConnect DeFi protocol connections
  • In-app browser
  • Etherspot Dashboard to invest and manage your crypto across multiple chains in an all-in-one DeFi dashboard

For Builders:

Pillar’s Roadmap in 2023

Among several major updates and partnerships this year, the Pillar team is looking into implementing social logins, and adding more security features such as user whitelisting of trusted protocols, addresses and assets along with the ability of setting daily spending limits within the wallet. 

Why has Pillar decided to support Gnosis Chain?

Gnosis Chain allows developers to easily transfer their projects, offers a broad range of scalability options, and has low transaction fees. The fee part is key for mass adoption. We have not faced any issues on the development side for the Gnosis Chain integration. Additionally, we are excited to be aligned with other infrastructure providers who have a shared  vision of a decentralized future. 

Getting Started on Pillar

With Pillar Wallet being a smart contract wallet, users will need to activate it first. An activation will automatically deploy an individual smart contract to the blockchain and require a gas fee payment.

Pillar subsidizes the deployment (activation) of all Gnosis Chain smart wallets in the Pillar app. Pillar has recently introduced the automatic deployment of wallets on Gnosis Chain. This means users can download Pillar Wallet and start using their smart wallet right away.

Stay tuned in the Pillar Community:

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